Our Services

Accounting, Compilation Report, Taxation

AMTF accounting service fees are dependent on the amount of time and work needed to settle the company’s transactions with a minimum fee of S$350 to S$1500 or more. The amount of time needed for these transactions can also be affected by how properly the company’s records are being recorded and kept. Hence each fee being charged to every client will vary on a case by case basis.

Compilation Reports will be done after the accounting figures are out and it will be drafted strictly with accordance to FRS requirements as well as the Companies Act Cap to ensure that our clients are safe from violating the company law and tax law. Our charges range from S$850 to S$1200 depending on how complicated is the disclosure.

Taxation will include drafting of tax, computation, tax schedules and form C for submission to IRAS. Our charges range from S$350 to S$650 depending on the complications that we encounter and the amount of disclosure schedules that need to be submitted to IRAS.

Financial & Internal Control Advisory

AMTF also can help its clients with their Business Planning, Internal System Control, Internal Audit and Budget Forecast. Charges for these services will be based complexity and how detailed is the work being done.

Full Corporate Secretarial Practice

Unlike most secretarial firms that charge their clients annually in advance, our firm charge our clients based on their transaction basis. Usually most companies will encounter little to no secretarial work till they are supposed to file their Annual Return which would take a year.

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